Website Revamp Lessons Learned (October 2015)

Website Revamp Lessons Learned (October 2015)

When we first set out to build a new AACEI-HGCS website, our main goal was to create a modern, simple, and responsive website. As a content-driven organization, we knew that highlighting the information would better benefit current and prospective members. The value proposition was to create a website that was accessible to a broad audience leveraging a variety of technologies.

Technology is and has been trending for quite some time and keeping up with the ever-changing industry can be challenging. Gone are the days where technological skills are specialized. Today, the ability to use technology is more of a standard and falling behind that curve can make it difficult to stay relevant. Keeping that in mind, we knew we had to build a website that showcased the benefits of membership and associated professional development opportunities leveraging AACE content from a variety of devices.

While developing the new site, we wanted the front page to highlight these areas:

  • Rotating Slideshow – A visual representation of section meetings and events. Represented the diversity of events, speakers, and networking opportunities.
  • Call to Action Form – A simple way for prospective members to reach out
  • Meeting Dues – The ability to collect meeting dues easily through PayPal
  • Upcoming Events – A list of upcoming events and a calendar download link. The downloadable calendar could be easily used by Outlook, Google, etc.
  • Latest News – Recent and upcoming presentation information
  • Social Media – Integration of social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter.

Does your current section website leverage each of these elements? Below we discuss and visualize each area.

Rotating Slideshow – This features allows AACE-HGCS to quickly post information on upcoming or past events.  As prospective members visit the site, they will see relevant information as well as visual confirmation that joining AACE will benefit their professional careers.

Screenshot 2015-11-02 13.12.16

Call to Action Form – This area displays is adjacent to the main image slider and is the second place most users will look.  It is designed for easy communication from the prospective member to the AACEI-HGCS organization. Those interested will have the ability to quickly request information regarding AACE benefits and certifications.

Screenshot 2015-11-02 13.12.24

Meeting Dues – A simple and accessible way to collect dues for meetings. Members have the ability to visit the site and pay their dues via PayPal. A time-saving alternative to collecting cash or check payments.

Screenshot 2015-11-02 13.12.46

Upcoming Events Section – All upcoming events can be posted on the front page with the ability to quickly add all AACEI events to their personal calendar.

Screenshot 2015-11-02 13.12.57

Latest News Section – From upcoming presentations to section news, this allows members and prospective members to quickly access presentations and information related to each AACE section.

Screenshot 2015-11-02 13.13.12

Social Media – Integrating social media into your website gives you the ability to reach a larger audience. Everyone has their way of discovering new opportunities. The goal of incorporating these platforms is to bring prospective members to your website to access the valuable information provided.

In addition to the areas listed above, we wanted members to have the ability to access the website from anywhere on any device. Below we explain more in depth how having a responsive website will benefit your section members and also help to attract prospective members.

What is a Responsive Website?

A responsive website is a site that restructures and reorganizes itself based on the type of device someone is using to view your website (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile Phone, etc.). Quite simply, a responsive site adjusts for different-sized screens. If you have a non-responsive website, your site always appears exactly as it would on a desktop which is great on a desktop, but not-so-great on a mobile phone. On a phone’s small screen, your site is teeny tiny, making it very difficult to use. When a site is built responsively, these problems are solved. You website will display content in user-friendly formats, regardless of the device that’s being used. We have put together a video to help explain the benefits of responsive design.


Smartphones and tablets have taken over web browsing! The same visitors that used to find your website on their desktop computers now stand in line at the grocery store, sit on the couch watching TV, and sip their coffee in cafes searching for information. Layout and content on your website need to be user-friendly on a variety of mobile platforms. Visitors don’t want to use their fingers to pinch and pull on your website so they can zoom in to read your tiny text.

With a responsive site, webpages adjust seamlessly to the size of any device. Changing between devices and websites browsers is seamless when you leverage responsive website technology.

In addition, here are eight reasons why you must convert to a responsive website design if you haven’t already:

  1. Google says so! Google favors responsive websites and will boost your site in organic search results when you convert to a responsive design.
  2. Your website needs to cater to a tech-savvy generation. More than 55% of your website visitors access your site from a mobile device. And that number will continue to grow.
  3. We know you’ve done it – left a website that didn’t load fast enough. Load times are better with responsive websites. Without a responsive design, you could lose up to 50% of your traffic!
  4. Responsive websites decrease bounce rates (i.e. your potential customers will stick around longer). Format translation from desktop to smartphone or tablet could be unsightly for visitors without using responsive technology.
  5. Responsive platforms make visitors happy! A recent study showed click-through-rates increase 21-24% with a responsive site as compared to traditional or mobile versions.
  6. With a single URL for visitors on any device, you can focus your efforts to one digital marketing campaign. No need to waste your marketing dollars. Whew! One URL also allows you to build a Google reputation for only one site and increase social shares.
  7. You can now track phone calls in Google Analytics with a mobile responsive website. That’s HUGE!
  8. SCmedia.us will provide a FREE consultation regarding your responsive website conversion! We will outperform your current company and provide you with stellar digital marketing.

The following images show the three of the most widely used devices, displaying the new AACEI-HCGS.org website:


Please Click on the Image and Zoom in:
Desktop Tablet Mobile
AACEI Front Page AACEI Ipad AACEI Mobile


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