Certified Cost Professional (CCP)
Certified Cost Technician (CCT)
Certified Scheduling Technician (CST)
Planning and Scheduling Professional (PSP)
Certified Estimating Professional (CEP)
Certified Forensic Claims Consultant (CFCC)
Earned Value Professional (EVP)
Decision and Risk Management Professional (DRMP)


In today’s world of intense competition in the workplace, total cost management is the concern of all businesses and companies. It is therefore essential to have employees that are proficient in the principles and practices of total cost management. Certification is verification of that proficiency. It provides assurance that the person performing the work is qualified and up-to-date on the latest techniques and has the experience and knowledge to apply them. AACE Certification is an investment in your career.

Why Should You be Certified?

  • Enhance your professional credibility by meeting the challenges of an outside agency review of your experience and knowledge.
  • Validate your knowledge of cost engineering and the capability to professionally apply the principles of total cost management or your chosen specialty.
  • Verify that you are an individual dedicated to continuously improving your cost engineering skills and professional development.
  • Distinguish yourself, as a cost engineering professional, to employers, clients and the industry.
  • Increase your opportunities for career advancement and for increased earnings.
  • Enhance your chances for new employment opportunities as well as continued employment in challenging economic times.
  • Improve the profession by promoting best practices and repeatable processes.
  • Allow your employer to improve their professional credibility and reputation with clients by advertising that their cost engineering functions are executed and managed by certified individuals.
  • Allow you to be identified as a subject matter expert and granted “expert witness” status.
  • Pre-qualify your expertise to potential consulting clients.
  • Comply with job postings that require certified individuals.

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